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Environmental Art

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Camouflage Masks


- Children create camouflaged masks using natural materials. These are then used to play hide and seek.


: Mask template, Stapler, double sided sticky tape or glue stick.


Beforehand make your masks up at school.

Explain about the different colours found in autumn of the leaves changing colour.

  • Give each child a mask

  • Ask them to collect natural material to camouflage it with (leaves, twigs etc.)

  • Bring the materials to a central point

  • Attach the materials to the mask using staples, tape, glue.

Hide and Seek:

  • Half the group hide along the edges of a path

  • They must wear their mask and must make sure its visible

  • The rest then walk along the path and try to spot the ones hiding.

  • Swap over and repeat

Follow up:


Why were some people easy to spot and not others?
Do animals use camouflage?
Why are most female birds brown?
Why are some insects bright?
How do butterflies use camouflage and colour?
How do humans use camoflauge?