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Carbon Capture game


- A running game demonstrating the impact of deforestation on climate change.


: Equipment: Pegs, Pieces of paper or card, with letter C to represent Carbon and paper clips.


  • Divide the group into three teams

  • Team A - Represent factories. There needs to be between 4 and 6 in the team.

  • Team B - Represents Trees and same amount in the team as in team A.

  • Team C - represents the air we breathe and same amount in the team as in team A.

  • Everyone is given two oxygen atoms (clothes pegs, paper clips)

  • Team A, the factories team, makes oxygen (pegs) to 1 atom of Carbon (card). This team should have an unlimited supply of Carbon.

  • Team B, the tree team, breaks up the CO2, releasing the Oxygen and storing the Carbon, i.e. they take the pegs off the card, and release the pegs back into the atmosphere, and keep the card. The trees can store as much carbon as they can hold.

  • Team C acts as the air we breathe and runs between the trees and the factories carrying the carbon and oxygen. They can only carry one molecule of CO2 (bring two pegs attached to a card) or 2 atoms of Oxygen (2 pegs) at a time.

  • The game should stop after 5 minutes to find out how much CO2 is in the atmosphere.

  • At this point of time in the game, half the trees should be harvested and made into factories.

  • The game should be played for an extra 5 minutes and the CO2 levels observed. With less trees gathering carbon, the levels of CO2 in the air will build up quickly.

Follow up:


Ask the children to draw a diagram so they can see for themselves.



Climate Change


Carbon Game Diagram