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Tree Studies

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How big is my canopy?


- to measure the spread of the canopy of a tree.


: None


Ask the pupils to work in groups of four and to walk in four directions underneath the tree and record the area in steps, walking from the centre to the outside of the canopy. Record the area of the tree using Pythagoras theory of Pi*R 2 by converting the steps walked into metres. They could also use a trundle wheel or metre stick to record in different ways.

Back in the classroom the pupils scale the measurements down on graph paper. Different trees will have different areas and the pupils can compare the differences. The pupils can draw the different shapes of the trees underneath the trees.

  • Ask pupils to measure the distance of the branches of a tree in four directions: north, south, east, and west.

  • A pupil can stand with his or her back to against the trunk.

  • They count the number of paces to the edge of the branches.

  • Pupils compare the spread of different trees and record their findings.

Follow up:


Maths - Pupils can create a graph of the spread of different trees.
Art - Pupils to draw the different branches of a tree to see the different shapes of branches.