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Tree Studies

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How old am I?


- Shows how to find out the age of a tree


: Measuring tape, string


  • Ask pupils to use a tape measure, or with a length of string, the girth of a tree. This can then be measured using standard units.

  • Ask children to use handspans, or for a large tree, pupils can encircle the tree with outstretched arms.

  • Compare the girths of a number of trees, and record their findings either in graphical form or on a map of a wooded area. Are there any differences in the girths of different species of trees?

To estimate the age of a living tree divide the circumference by 2.5cm.
The approximate age of my tree is ......

Follow up:


If the children know the species of the tree, they can make a more accurate estimate of its age. This is because different trees grow at different rates. If you know the species of the tree, divide the circumference by the figure in the table below.