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Tree Studies

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How tall am I?


- To measure the height of a tree by various methods


: String, sticks and ruler


Did you know the tallest man can fill a mature Oak tree 8 times?

  • Ask Pupils to ask their friend to stand next to a tree. Pupils can then estimate how many of their friend would be needed to reach the top.

  • Ask a pupil to stand with their back to the tree while another pupil takes a ruler and stands some distance from the tree, facing it.

  • The pupil with the ruler closes one eye and holds the ruler at arm’s length so that the top of the ruler appears to be at the top of the tree and the bottom of the ruler appears to be at the base of the tree.

  • Ask the pupil to turn their wrist so that the ruler appears to be lying on the ground. The first pupil then walks away from the tree so that he or she appears to be walking along the ruler and stops when she or he appears to reach the end.

  • The actual distance from the base of the tree to where the child stopped can then be measured. This gives a good idea of the tree’s height.

Follow up:

Science -name the different trees which the pupils measure.
Maths - Compare heights of trees that the children have measured and make a graph of the different heights.