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The Uses of Wood

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Quiz on the products of wood in the past


- A quiz on the products of wood in the past activity


: Worksheets, pencils and access to the internet.


  • Teacher to ask pupils questions from the quiz attached below

Quiz - Products from wood in the past

Question 1:

What products were important in the past from a woodland?


Mistletoe, honey, pine resin, leaves, berries, mushrooms, nuts, pheasant and rabbit.


Question 2:

What were barrels used for?


For storing beer.


Question 3:

What tools was wood used for?


Axe handle, brushes (still used today)


Question 4:

How was wood used as a fuel?


Charcoal or raw wood for making fires


Question 5:

In what way was wood used for medicine?


Aspirin in willow bark


Question 6:

What species of tree was used for tanning leather?


Oak bark


Question 7:

What cooking utensils were made from wood?


Food bowls, plates and spoons


Question 8:

What other products were made from wood in the past?


Gates, hurdles, ships, buildings, wheels, dyes and furniture

Follow up:


Find out how many of the pupils got the correct answers from the questions. Discuss why certain products are still made from wood and other products are not any more. This will lead to the next activity.