Woodland wonders: Coed Bryn Oer: Woodland wonders

Environmental Art

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Tree Monsters


- Using, mud or clay, children make monster faces on tree trunks and use natural objects to attach to it to create the features .


: Bucket, water, mud (or clay), trowel


  • Dig up some mud - the stickier the better

  • Put it in a bucket - add water to it if needs be

  • Ask the children to take mud and make a mud ball using their hands

  • Squash it on to a tree trunk

  • Shape a face, nose mouth, ears etc in the mud

  • Add leaves, sticks, seeds, moss etc to make hair, teeth, horns etc

  • Name your creature and show it to the rest of the group

  • Have votes on the scariest, the ugliest, funniest etc

Follow up:


Children to make a photo story of how they made their monsters.
Make a story up about your tree monster
Take photos of each one and make up a personality for your tree monster
Create your own tree monster top trump card pack