Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I am unable to use a path I believe to be public?

You can log a complaint using the complaints reporting form or contact us to discuss further.

Who is responsible for clearing rubbish and litter from paths?

The Council’s Street care and Cleansing section deals with litter issues.  Report a litter issue here.

I have a path on my land can it be closed or moved?

Any person can apply for a Public Right of Way to be moved or closed.  Contact us to discuss further.

Can I carry out works on a path?

Yes, but you may need to close the path temporarily, or apply to disrupt the surface.

Can paths be lost if they are not used?

No, the law is very clear that a highway cannot cease being public through lack of use.

Can a right of way be created over private land?

Most Public Rights of Way are already on private land.  You can apply to add a path to the Definitive Map and Statement by submitting an application under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1980.

If you are a landowner, you can create a right of way over your land in a number of ways – contact us for more information.

What do I do if someone tries to deter me from using a right of way, threatens, or intimidates me while I am using or attempting to use one?

You should always report any incidents to the police.  You should also contact the Rights of Way Section.



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