Species Surveys

We have undertaken a number of species surveys including the great crested newt, brown hare, dormouse, water vole, marsh fritillary, nightjar, otter, small mammals, Cornish moneywort, and house sparrow. Please do your bit in protecting wildlife in the county by telling where you have seen the animals on the ‘Most Wanted’ page.


A business subgroup of the partnership has been working with the council’s Business Environment Coordinator to encourage companies to manage their grounds for biodiversity.

Biodiversity Action Reporting System (BARS)

To view more information on what’s happening in Caerphilly for biodiversity conservation, visit the Biodiversity Action Reporting System (BARS) website. BARS is a new Internet based reporting system for use by all those involved in Biodiversity Action Plans across the UK. We are still adding information on the LBAP for Caerphilly county borough, but you can also search the BARS database for details on projects in other areas and for particular habitats and species. A new version of the web based information system was launched on the 18th April. The new system will provide an important source of evidence to support delivery and reporting of work within the UK to protect and enhance important habitats and species. BARS offers a central tool to collate this data.

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