Flatwoods Meadows, Crosskeys

What’s there?

Two large warm summer meadows on the banks of the Sirhowy River. It’s an ideal location for butterflies and moths that feed on the profusion of wildflowers. The locally scarce Marsh Pug Moth and the Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary both make their home here. In the spring the small pond is a seething mass of amorous amphibians. Herons pop in for a frog feast as well. In the evening Daubenton and Noctule bats flit across the meadow.

By day, Kingfishers and dippers commute up and down the river collecting food for their young. If you are really lucky you catch a glimpse of an Otter on the Sirhowy.

Why it’s special

These old hay meadows have been rescued from a bracken invasion. They are species rich. Grasslands like these becoming less common across the UK. Careful management of this Local Nature Reserve has allowed the wildflowers to flourish and these in turn provide food for insects, birds and mammals.

How to get there:

Grid Reference: ST 207912.
Flatwoods Meadows are situated in Sirhowy Valley Country Park, Crosskeys.

By bus: Service 56 Tredegar to Newport, Get off at Wattsville and follow the path into the country park.

By car: Sirhowy Valley Country Park is off the A4048 at Crosskeys. Follow the Brown tourist signs. Park at Nine Mile Point car park.

By bike: Flatwoods Meadows are just off R47 (Celtic Trail) at Nine Mile Point.

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