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You can update information about the service you provide, find out about new legislation, local plans, strategies and toolkits. 

If you work with children, young people and families within Caerphilly County Borough then the Family Information Service can help you identify both local and national support services that are available. Family Support services cover a wide range of services to support families appropriately.

Family Support can range from family activities to parenting programmes to individual programmes of support for families in the home depending on the family’s needs. Click the photo above to enter the Zone. There are many different agencies that work together and offer services to support families when they need it. In the directory you can find universally available services, referral criteria and how to access more specialist provision.

Provider Portal - promote your business the easy way

Whether you are a childminder, manage a day nursery or provide a service for children, families or young people in the Caerphilly County Borough, you can now promote your service for free and update your details with the Family Information Service ‘on line’. To make sure we have all of your correct details, you can now login to the ‘Service Provider Portal’  and make your changes. FIS Service Provider Portal

For more information please call 01443 863232 or e-mail

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