Referral pathways

Referral pathways, forms and Joint Assessment Family Framework (JAFF)

In Caerphilly borough we understand that professionals need to be able to complete a referral form whether the family needs one service or several services.

We are currently piloting a single Common Referral Form that has all the basic details of the family which can be completed with the family. If multiple services are needed this form can be copied to save time. If you are not sure which service the family needs, please complete and send to the TAF single front door. However, you may already be able to identify which service the family requires from the examples below and will be able to send them direct to the service: -

Common Referral Process

Contact and Referral Team

Are you concerned about the safety or wellbeing of a child? Are you worried they are at risk or being harmed? If you think a child is at risk of harm you need to make a referral to the Contact and Referral Team.

Contact and Referral Team

Integrated Service for Children with Additional Needs (ISCAN)

ISCAN is a multi agency service where professionals from health, education, children's services and voluntary agencies work together to provide a service for children and families with additional needs. The service is based at the Caerphilly Children's Centre and the Children with Disability Team is part of ISCAN. Children with additional needs and their families will be referred by a professional like a GP, health visitor, or some else working with the family provided the child is under 12. The family have to first give their permission for this to happen.

What happens Referrals are discussed at a weekly ISCAN meeting to look at the range of services the child and their family need. For children whose needs are complex a Lead Professional will be allocated to the child and family. This person will be the most appropriate person to co ordinate and assist the family and will usually be someone who knows the family best. The lead professional will then undertake an assessment of your child's needs.


Youth Inclusion and Support Panel (YISP)

This is a multi-agency planning group that aims to prevent offending and anti-social behaviour by offering support services to 8 15 year olds and their families. YISP ensures that children and young people receive, at the earliest opportunity, mainstream services plus support from voluntary and community groups to meet their needs such as education and training, social services, youth services, health and substance misuse.


Youth Offending Service (YOS)

The Youth Offending Service is key to the success of the Youth Justice System. There is a Youth Offending Service in every local authority in Wales and England; it is a one-stop shop for 10–17 year olds at risk of, or involved in offending behaviour, providing effective supervision so that they face the consequences of their offending.

Locally, the service brings together staff from a wide range of organisations including the local authority, police, probation service, health, and specialist project workers. By working together, sharing knowledge, skills and experience, we aim to help young people make the right life choices and reduce youth offending.

The Blaenau Gwent and Caerphilly Youth Offending Service (YOS) works in partnership to address anti-social behaviour. We recognise the adverse impact anti-social behaviour can have on everyone in a community both adults and children and the importance of addressing such behaviour. Our role is central to making lasting differences in the lives of young people and communities where anti-social behaviour exists.


Supporting People

Problems managing your home, paying bills or threatened with homelessness?
Your Supporting People Team are here to help.
Free Support we can offer includes:

  • Help finding accommodation
  • Maintaining your home
  • Managing your tenancy
  • Liaising with your Landlord/mortgage company
  • Budgeting
  • Debt management
  • Reviewing your benefits
  • Form Filling
  • Life skills

Supporting People

  • Tel: 01443 864548
  • Website: Supporting People
  • E:mail:
  • Text:  HOUSUPPORT to 81400

 Families First

Families First is a Welsh Government funded programme aimed at supporting families living in, or at risk of falling into poverty.  The programme seeks to address the breadth of challenges facing children, young people and their families by developing effective multi-agency support and focusing on prevention and early intervention.  Families First is a key response to the Welsh Government's Child Poverty Strategy and is a new way of working together for all services that support families.  We are promoting this way of working throughout the county borough with the focus of the programme on early intervention. All of the projects support and contribute to the TAF model. For additional information about the Families First Programme please contact the Central Support Team.

Central Support Team

 Team Around the Family (TAF) and Parenting Co-ordination

Team around the Family (TAF) provides a service to help families with emerging needs to access a co-ordinated plan of support involving a range of agencies.  This may involve supporting children, young people and their families with such issues as substance misuse; anti social behaviour; parenting support and ill health.

Team Around the Family

Integrated Family Learning

Integrated Family Learning provides a learning pathway for families who require additional support to engage in community based learning opportunities. This includes holding proframmes for groups of parents and families with basic skills needs like improving literacy and numeracy skills, as well as supporting individuals accessing volunteering opportunities, further education or employment. The project also identifies and supports childrens with speech, language and communication needs and works proactively with families, playgroups and staff to promote positive outcomes for those children.

Integrated Family Learning

  • Tel: 01443 863141

Family Learning in the Home and the Community

The aim of the project is to provide learning opportunities for families who are not able to attend  traditional Family Learning programmes in schools.  Allows parents to improve their own literacy and/or numeracy skills alongside their child/children in the home or a community venue. Parents can progress onto further learning that is available, for example, traditional Family Learning classes which are school based, basic skills classes and other learning opportunities

 Health Inclusion Project (HIP)

The Health Inclusion Project provides a health outreach promotion service which works with families, including children and young people in order to reduce the risks posed by smoking and to provide services to support them to quit smoking. The service offers advice and support about sexual health matters and making positive lifestyle choices. An outreach service is also provided to reach groups out in the community.

Health Inclusion Project

Parenting Programmes and Individual Family Support

Provides a range of free and confidential services for families living in the Caerphilly county borough area for example parenting programmes, individual pareting support within the home; links to other resources and individually designed sessions for parents and children. A creche is also provided. 

Parenting and Family Support

  • 01685 844230

Flying Start and Action for Children are running parenting groups (Parenting Nurturing Programme) for families who live in Flying Start areas. The groups are run throughout the Caerphilly Borough and focus on understanding children’s behaviour as well as gaining and implementing new strategies in managing difficult behaviour. It is a 10 week programme which runs for two hours once a week (Venue and exact times TBC). It is fantastic for parents who want to gain more knowledge or for those parents who are struggling with their children’s behaviour.

Should you be working with any families who you think would benefit from our support please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or fill out the attached referral form (parents can also self-refer).

It is open to all Flying start families but we are focusing on families who live in: Upper Rhymney, Lower Rhymney, Abertysswg, Fochriw and Phillipstown.

Free crèche, transport and light refreshments are provided.

Should you have any further questions or wish to speak to us regarding the Parenting Programme please do not hesitate to contact us.

Family Play

Provides free play opportunities to engage families from across Caerphilly County Borough including outdoor open access play sessions, Pop in and Play for under 3's and Inclusive Play to support Disabled children to access local play opportunities. The project also offers strategy influence within play development, training and volunteering opportunities. The project works within the TAF model to identify and refer families with emerging needs.

Family Play 

  • Tel: 01443 863540

Family Engagement

Engages with families "with emerging needs" through community outreach sessions and through links with other service providers like the Caerphilly CBC Youth Service, Right from the Start and the GAVO (Gwent Association of Voluntary Organisations) play service. Families are supported to engage in activities and programmes, which raise aspirations and support them to access specialist provision. The service also includes outreach and home provision.

Family Engagement 

  • Tel: 01443 863033/ 863194


Provides an independent advocacy service to support children, young people and families by helping them to be heard through the provision of confidential and independent advice, information and representation.


  • Tel: 0300 330 3131 (24 hour helpline)
  • Website

Inclusion and Support

Inclusion and Support provides a referral and support service for families with children with disabililities, where children are young carers; where children have emerging mental health needs and where children and young people are affected by domestic abuse.

Inclusion and Support

  • Tel: 029 20 867447

Strenghening Families Programme

The Strengthening Families Programme is for ANY family living in Caerphilly who have children aged between 10 – 14. Parents and Youth meet separately for the first hour and spend the second hour together in family activities. The Strengthening Families Programme is most appropriate to young people who live full time with their parent/carer, however other circumstances may be considered.

Adults & young people attending must be committed to take part in a group setting for 2 ½  hours each week for 7 weeks. Applications can be made by individual families or agencies. Agencies currently supporting a family may apply on their behalf with the family’s consent. These agencies will be expected to maintain regular contact with families throughout the duration of the programme.  A play service for families with younger children will be made available. The organisers will assess whether the Strengthening Families Programme is suitable for the family, based upon the information provided in your application form

Would you like to be a Strenghening Families Facilitator?