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Spate of Anti-Social Behaviour.

Council is aware of a spate of anti-social and criminal activity which is blighting the communities of Abertysswg, Rhymney and Pontlottyn. Council is working closely with Gwent Police to address these matters, although Council also urges the general public to ensure these issues are reported timeously and accurately to Gwent Police via one of the following routes:

- Emergency Calls:

999 or 112 from Mobile Phones

- Less urgent (non-emergency calls)

101. Please note calls to 101 cost 15p to connect with no ongoing cost to the caller; or

Via email to 

Review of the Town & Community Sector in Wales

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Cllr John Hughes appointed as Chairperson and Cllr. David Harse as Vice-Chairperson to Council for 2017/18.

Cllr John Hughes - Chairperson for 2017-18

Cllr David Harse - Vice Chairperson for 2017-18

Community Council Elections May 2017 - Notice of Election

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Armed Forces Day June 2016 

The Community Council was priviledged to host this year's Armed Forces Day Event in Rhymney. The Community Council would like to thank colleagues at Caerphilly CBC for helping to organise the event. Council would also like to thank all who attended in what was inclement weather, particularly the young children of the local Primary Schools and Nurseries, who turned out on mass to help commemorate and celebrate the day. 


Cllr David Morris appointed as Chairperson and Cllr. John Hughes as Vice-Chairperson to Council for 2016/17.

Cllr David Morris - Chairperson for 2016-17

Cllr John Hughes- Vice Chairperson for 2016-17