During the period 2013/14, our team of Community Safety Wardens have carried out 8,791 hours of patrols within the Caerphilly County Borough.

They have also visited a total of 1,458 ‘hotspot’ locations and attended a total of 166 community meetings.

Our CCTV operators monitor 150 cameras throughout the county borough 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



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What we do

We have identified three key priorities that will be the focus of our work over the next three years, 2011-2014.

The three priority areas were identified through a detailed Strategic Assessment, which analysed partnership data, including crime analysis and several forms of community engagement.

This helped us to identify the main issues that are of significant concern to our communities.

Our three key priorities are to:


Reduce anti social behaviour and improve the street scene

Anti social behaviour remains a major concern for our communities and has been identified as a priority because it is the single highest community issue raised through PACT meetings, the CANDO process and Caerphilly County Borough Council’s Viewpoint Panel.

There also remains a high level of request for service to both the Police and Caerphilly County Borough Council regarding anti social behaviour, especially in relation to environmental crime issues such as litter, abandoned vehicles, graffiti and dog fouling.

Reduce the harm caused by alcohol

Reducing the harm caused by alcohol has been identified as both a national and local priority because alcohol has been recognised as being the “major substance of misuse” in the county borough.

There has also been an increase in hospital admissions for alcohol related conditions, emanating from within the local area.

Strong “causal” links can also be made to other priorities such as violent crime and anti social behaviour.

Broaden partnership delivery

New legislative requirements necessitate delivery to national standards. We have therefore placed greater emphasis on the partnership’s accountability.

We have to produce regular reviews of the Strategic Assessment and compile a Partnership Plan.

We will also continue to develop and implement creative and innovative methods of operation.

Whilst these new priority areas have been identified throughout the Strategic Assessment process, our core commitments remain unchanged.

These will continue to be the general themes of crime reduction, substance misuse intervention and partnership development.

These three areas will provide the basis of our work, but the three groups will now have the additional focus of the new priorities identified via the Strategic Assessment.