During the period 2013/14, our team of Community Safety Wardens have carried out 8,791 hours of patrols within the Caerphilly County Borough.

They have also visited a total of 1,458 ‘hotspot’ locations and attended a total of 166 community meetings.

Our CCTV operators monitor 150 cameras throughout the county borough 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



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Youth Offending Service

The Safer Caerphilly Community Safety Partnership provides significant annual funding to the Blaenau Gwent and Caerphilly Youth Offending Service, to ensure that it can continue with the commendable work and innovative initiatives that it has become renowned for on a Wales-wide scale.

The Youth Offending Service (YOS) is key to the success of the Youth Justice System. There is a Youth Offending Service in every local authority in Wales and England; they are one-stop-shops for 10 to 17 year olds at risk of, or involved in offending behaviour, providing effective supervision so that they face the consequences of their offending.

Locally, the service brings together staff from a wide range of organisations including the local authority, police, probation service, health and specialist project workers. By working together, sharing knowledge, skills and experience, they aim to help young people make the right life choices and reduce youth offending.

The Youth Offending Service (YOS) works in partnership to address anti social behaviour. Collectively, they recognise the adverse impact that anti social behaviour can have on the community – both adults and children – and the importance of addressing such behaviour.

Reducing levels of anti social behaviour is one of the current key strategic priorities for the Safer Caerphilly Community Safety Partnership, and the work of the Youth Offending Service (YOS) is central to the success of this, in making lasting differences to the lives of young people and communities where anti social behaviour exists.

Services provided by the Youth Offending Service include:

Early intervention and prevention

The Final Warning is a way of dealing with offences committed by young people aged between 10 and 17. It can be given by a police officer if a young person admits their guilt for a first or second offence, provided that the offence is not so serious that it needs to go to court.
Also, children and young people who work with the Youth Offending Service are given the opportunity to develop new skills and interests through a variety of leisure programmes designed to help build their self respect, general health, self esteem and leadership skills.

Court and assessment

The Youth Offending Service provide appropriate adult services to support, advise and assist young people under the age of 17 who have been detained at a police station. The YOS also report to court to assist in the sentencing process and attend scheduled, non scheduled and emergency courts in relation to youths.
They also manage those youths placed on bail supervision in the community, and support and advise young people who misuse drugs and alcohol.

Community supervision

Young people on Court Orders have an allocated Community Supervision Case Manager who ensures that the plan of work and programme devised at the start of the order is completed by the time the order ends.
When a young person is sentenced to custody, planning and regular review meetings are held in custodial establishments for all young people under the age of 18.

Intensive Supervision and Surveillance Programme (ISSP)

This is the most rigorous non-custodial intervention available for young offenders. ISSP targets the most active repeat young offenders and those who commit the most serious crimes.

The programme aims to:

  • Reduce the frequency and seriousness of offending in the target groups
  • Tackle the underlying needs of offenders who give rise to offending, with a particular emphasis on education and training
  • Provide reassurance to communities through close surveillance backed up by rigorous enforcement
  • Most young people will spend six months on ISSP. On completion, the young person will continue to be supervised by the YOS for the remaining period of their order.

For further information, call ISSP on 01495 231 351.

Education and parenting

The Youth Offending Service works with Inclusion Services, schools, colleges, training providers and custodial units to try and ensure that young people involved in offending get access to the best quality education that is available.

Workings in partnership with the local authority staff, including Placement Officers, Psychologists and the Education Welfare Service, the Youth Offending Service provide detailed specialist assessments and interventions that can assist in addressing problem behaviour.
The unique relationship that the Youth Offending Service officers share with young people makes it possible to engage with those who have proved otherwise “unreachable”.

Victims of youth crime

Restorative justice processes give victims of youth crime the chance to emphasise to children and young people real impact of their crimes, to get answers to their questions and to receive an apology from the young person.

Youth Inclusion Support Programme (YISP)

This is a multi agency planning group that aims to prevent offending and anti social behaviour by offering support services to 8 to 15 year olds and their families. YISP ensures that they receive, at the earliest opportunity, mainstream services plus support from voluntary and community groups to meet their needs such as education and training, social services, youth services, health and substance misuse.

For more information on YISP, call 01495 235 639 or email: yos@caerphilly.gov.uk

Further information

If you would like any further information or advice about the local Youth Offending Service, call 01495 235 623 or email: yos@caerphilly.gov.uk