Supporting People

Local Commissioning Plan

This page contains the Local Commissioning Plan, which, has replaced the Supporting People Operational Plan and will give a summary of the local authorities supporting people commissioning intentions for the next three years.

In Caerphilly, we intend to utilise the format of the 'Planning for the Future' documents published for the last two years, which will form the basis for the future local commissioning plans, again, we are not going to present too much detail, but rather look for a format that will be easily understandable and focus on the issues and challenges the programme confronts and benefits that the programme can deliver.

As well as outlining commissioning and remodeling intentions the document will show how these conclusions have been reached. Caerphilly Supporting People will ensure that all stakeholders and service users are given meaningful opportunities to influence decisions at local level and evidence of this will be reported to the Regional Collaborative Committee.

The local Supporting People Planning Group will scrutinise the Local Commissioning Plan before seeking political approval and submitting to the Regional Coordinating Authority for inclusion in a Regional Commissioning Plan.

The Plan

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This plan has to be updated annually and submitted to the Welsh Assembly Government. This years plan will include a lot more information on needs mapping as we will have more time to collect and collate information and ensure greater involvement of all interested agencies.

Contact us to obtain a copy of the Local Commissioning Plan.