Supporting People

Evaluation and Monitoring

Supporting People funded projects are regularly monitored to ensure that they meet our required standards. Agencies must submit quarterly monitoring forms and attend quarterly meetings.

Schemes will be subject to a comprehensive Initial Service Review and follow up reviews every three years.

The Initial Service Review is based on the 'Quality Assessment Framework' methodology and examines key areas of the service, such as strategic relevance, quality, and value for money. Agencies are expected to undertake a self-assessment of the quality of their service based on six core objectives - 'Needs and Risk Assessment', 'Support Planning', 'Security, Health and Safety', 'Protection from Abuse', 'Fair Access, Diversity and Inclusion' and 'Complaints'. In order to verify the accuracy of the information in these assessments, "reality checks" or "validation visits" will be made to the provider, service users and stakeholders. In order to evaluate the cost effectiveness and value for money of the service, agencies must provide evidence to prove how the Supporting People funding has been spent.

A task and finish group involving Supporting People Teams throughout Gwent is being set up to adopt a Pan - Gwent Reviewing Methodology. This standardisation will be of significant advantage to providers who work across authority within Gwent. Providers will, at a later date, be consulted on this piece of work. The new methodology will be in place prior to the commencement of the follow-up reviews.

Following the decision of the Welsh Government (WG) to transfer all the Grant via Supporting People Programme Grant (SPPG), there is the need for the development of a standardised and consistent approach to good practice in the accreditation of providers, and the monitoring and evaluation of SPPG by the use of agreed relevant and appropriate mechanisms. This will be for the whole of Wales’ Supporting People Programme.

All SPPG providers will have to be accredited in order to access SP grants.

Two task and finish groups have been set up to consider:

  • Accreditation
  • Monitoring and Reviewing

The groups consist of representation from SP teams, procurement and provider of SPP organisations. Involvement with social care commissioning services will be at a later date.

This will be achieved by a commitment to report to and by maintaining our present representation at the relevant group within the new SP structure for Wales.

It is anticipated that these tasks will be completed by April 2012.

Review and Monitoring Documents