Supporting People

Outcomes Monitoring

It is our intention to continue to publicise our services to the public and other agencies and to evidence the vital part that our providers play in changing people’s lives and improving their independence.

From these pages you will be able in the future to access outcome monitoring information on the projects we fund and access case studies of vulnerable people who have been assisted by support providers.

Caerphilly Supporting People team contract with in excess of 40 providers in the private, public and voluntary sector for the provision of housing related support to vulnerable people.

The aim of all our services to support people to maintain their independence through the provision of support, that support may be delivered within their home or they may live in a project that has dedicated support staff to assist them.

We know that our preventative services save money for health, social care and the criminal justice system and that our services prevent many vulnerable people accessing statutory crisis services.

From April 2012, the Welsh Government has made the collection and reporting of outcomes mandatory, the database is yet to be finalised, however as soon as we receive an update we will add the paperwork to this page.

People have the right to aspire to safe, independent lives within their community and the financial security and health to enjoy that community.

People differ in the barriers they face in achieving these aspirations. Supported housing seeks outcomes for people that are steps on the way towards these ultimate aspirations.


Outcomes should be person centred, purposeful, negotiated and agreed with the individual, and if appropriate, and/or with their advocates, supporters or carers.

Outcomes will be achieved through enabling maximum possible control, involvement and understanding across the following areas where appropriate:

The project is: Promoting Personal and Community Safety

The service user is:

  1. Feeling safe
  2. Contributing to the safety and well-being of themselves and of others

The project is: Promoting Independence and Control

The service user is:

  1. Managing accommodation
  2. Managing relationships
  3. Feeling part of the community

The project is: Promoting Economic Progress and Financial Control

The service user is:

  1. Managing money
  2. Engaging in education/learning
  3. Engaged in employment / voluntary work

The project is: Promoting Health and Wellbeing

The service user is:

  1. Physically healthy
  2. Mentally healthy
  3. Leading a healthy and active lifestyle

Outcomes Guidance -

Outcomes Guidance document 2015