The village of Abertridwr, the English translation of ‘The Meeting Place of Three Streams’, is the birth place of ‘Sion Cent’ (during the 14th Century) one of the foremost Welsh poets of his era, a distinguished theologian and scholar but also reputedly a sorcerer and a wizard.

Above the village on Mynydd Eglwysilan stands Eglwysilan Church. This site of druidic origin was almost certainly occupied in the 6th Century by a Celtic Church before being replaced by the present edifice. Built in the period from the late 12th to the early 13th century to serve the Parish of Eglwysilan, it was completed in the 14th and 15th centuries. Dedicated to St. Ilan a little-known monk of the 6th century, it is one of the oldest in Glamorgan of the Norman period.

Within Abertridwr stood the Windsor Colliery which has since become the site of a new housing development contributing to the regeneration of Abertridwr and Senghenydd.


A typical act of bravery took place on 17th August 1917 when Sgt Gilbert Lloyd, (Senghenydd), South Wales Borderers who, together with five others soldiers, held an isolated position until his battalion had been relieved and then brought out their wounded whilst still under fire.

He was awarded the MM at a local ceremony held on “The Rec” in August 19, 1919.  At this same ceremony where the villagers turned out in their thousands to see Colonel H E Morgan Lindsay, CB, DSO award the decorations to Sgt Lloyd and the men and also to the families of those Killed in Action (KIA). All listed below.

Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM)   Military Medal (MM)

Cpl. Tom Locke Sapper Robert Jackson

Pte. William Higgs Bdr. H C Fleet

Dvr. R G Taylor

Gnr. David Davies

Sgt. King Humphries

Pte. Syd Edwards


Distinguished Conduct Medal Military Cross (MC)

Sgt. T H Brown (KIA) Lt. J A Roberts(KIA)

(accepted by his wife) (accepted by his father)

Photo of Sgt Gilbert Lloyd


Wounded on three occasions before winning the MM in 1917.  Became a


Lieutenant in Home Guard, Aber and

and Senghenydd Platoon 1940-46.

Secretary of local Ex-Servicemen’s

Club for over 50 years.