Meeting papers

February 2020
Full Council meeting 26th Februry 2020

Policy and Resources Committee 
Unapproved Minutes 6th Feb 2020

Meeting Agenda Thursday 6th Feb 2020


January 2020
Agenda_Full Council 29th January 2020
Declarations of interests
Minutes 8th Jan 2020

Special Meeting Agenda 8th January 2020

December 2019
Policy and Resources Committee
Declarations of Interest 12th Dec 2019

Meeting Agenda 12th December 2019
Full Council
Declarations of Interest 18th December 2019

Agenda_Full Council 18th December 2019

November 2019

Full Council
Minutes of Full Council Meeting 27th November 2019
Declarations of Interest 
Meeting Agenda 27th November 2019

Policy and Resources Committee
Minutes of Policy & Resources Committee 14th November 2019
Meeting Agenda 14th November 2019

October 2019
Minutes_Full Council 30th October 2019

Declarations of Interest

Agenda_Full Council Meeting 30th October 2019

September 2019

Minutes_Full council 25th September 2019
Agenda_Full Council Meeting 25th September 2019

Declarations of Interest

July 2019

Minutes - Full Council 31st July 2019

Agenda - Full Council Meeting 31st July 2019  Declaration of Interests

June 2019

Minutes - Full Councing Meeting 26th June 2019

Agenda - Full Council Meeting 26th June 2019  Declaration of Interests

May 2019

Minutes_ 29th May 2019

Agenda - Full Council Meeting 29th May 2019  Declaration of Interests

Minutes - Full Council Meeting 1st May 2019

Minutes - Annual Meeting 1st May 2019

Annual Meeting Agenda 1st May 2019 Declaration of Interests

Ordinary Meeting Agenda 1st May 2019

March 2019

Minutes of Full Council Meeting 27th March 2019 Declaration of Interests

Ordinary Meeting Agenda 27th March 2019

Special Meeting Agenda March 2019  Minutes of Special Meeting 6th March 2019

February 2019

Minutes of Full Council Meeting February 2019 Declaration of Interests


January 2019

Minutes of Full Council Meeting January 2019

Agenda - Full Council Meeting 23rd January 2019


January 2017

April 2017 

May AGM 







Bargoed Town Council Meetings



Ordinary Meetings of Bargoed Town Council take place

on the last Wednesday of each month with exception of August

when Council is in recess.


Meetings take place at the Town Hall in Bargoed unless otherwise notified.

Meetings commence promptly at 6pm.

The following dates are the Full Council Meeting Dates for 2020:


      29th January 2020

      26th February 2020

  25th March 2020

29th April 2020

Annual Meeting 20th May 2020

24th June 2020

29th July 2020

August - Council in Recess

23rd September 2020

28th October 2020

25th November 2020

16th December 2020


The Policy and Resources Committee meetings usually take place at 5.30pm on a Thursday.

The Committee Meeting Dates for 2020 are:

April 9th 2020

July 16th 2020

September 10th 2020

November 11th 2020


All members of the public are welcome to attend,
however anyone who wishes to raise an issue must give the Clerk 7 days
written notice prior to the meeting stating the detail of their enquiry.






Meeting Papers (Previous Years)

November 2018  Agenda  Minutes 7th November 2019           

October 2018   Agenda     September 2018  Agenda

July 2018   Agenda           June 2018  Agenda

May 2018  Agenda  Annual Meeting Agenda

April 2018  Agenda      March 2018  Agenda    January 2018  Agenda

November 2017  Agenda  October 2017  Agenda  September 2017  Agenda

June 2017  Agenda   May 2017 - Annual Meeting Agenda  Full Council Agenda 

Feb 2017  Agenda


December   November   October   September   July

June  May  April  March  February  January


Financial Statements (Previous Years)

Annual Return for 2018-19

Annual Return for 2017-2018  Pages 1 to 3  Pages 4 to 6

Annual Return for 2016 - 2017

Annual Return for 2015 - 2016

Annual Return 2014 - 2015

Annual Return for2013-14 Page 2  Page 3  Page 4  Page 5  Page 6