The Caerphilly Challenge Series can only be entered online through our ‘Fabian 4’ booking page

Entry Fees

  • 20-24 mile/ 14-16 mile/ 8-11 mile route - Early bird entry (before the 1st of January) £8
  • 20-24 mile/ 14-16 mile/ 8-11 mile route - Normal price (after the 1st of January) £10
  • 1-5 mile Healthy Walk
  • Extra £2 discount for entrants aged 18 and under
  • If your entry is accepted the fee is non refundable
  • No entries will be accepted after 23rd April 2020
  • Minimum entry age is 12 years

All entrants under the age of 18 must be fit enough to complete the challenge.  They must be accompanied by a responsible named adult. The named adult must be competent in map reading and navigation.

Please make sure to read the full challenge information and terms and conditions of entry before booking on.

For any specific queries about details of the Challenge please contact Brian Begg on 07788547350 or email us at following address

Team Entries

Team entries are accepted and can be booked on together via our online booking page.

Multiple entrants can be booked on through online booking, however individual details are needed for each entrant i.e. address, contact details, emergency contact etc.

Charity Places

Fund raising is not restricted to any one charity. Individuals and teams wishing to raise funds for a designated charity must be carried out in cooperation with their chosen charity.

'Tech' T-shirts

Checkout last years ‘Air Force Blue’ Caerphilly Challenge Series ‘Tech’ T-shirts. This is the style of Tshirts that we produce for the challenge, the logo and colour (TBC) will change for the Wild Boar.. Don’t forget to add to your booking when entering the challenge  (only available on Pre order for £10).