Welcome to Family Information Service and Online Directory

Caerphilly Family Information Service  is experiencing an unprecedented  number of calls at the moment, please e-mail your queries to us and we will do our best to respond as soon as possible.  FIS@caerphilly.gov.uk. 

For urgent requests only - please call 07850916875 and leave your name, number, e-mail address and your brief query and we will do our best to respond.  Thank you for your patience.
We are working to make as much information available on line as possible -
* Information for parents can be found in the Family Zone. 
* Information for providers can be found in the Professional Zone under Coronavirus update.


And to live up to expectations of families within Caerphilly County this Free one-stop-website offers a complete range of information for families. Whether you are a parent / carer, child, young person or a professional working with families in Caerphilly there is a Zone packed with information just for you.We all need a helping hand sometimes……….

Main features of the Family Information Service Directory are: -

Kid's Zone

Kid's ZoneC

For 5-10's. Includes information about local clubs and activities telling you about things you can take part in locally.

Family Zone

Family Zone

For Parents and Carers. Includes information about childcare, parenting, health and family support services.

Professional Zone

Professional Zone

For those working with children, young people and families. Keeping you updated and informed.

Youth Zone

Youth Zone

For 11-25's. Includes information about local clubs, activities and services for young people.

The combination of the simple to use features and the “click for more info” range has provided a really useful resource. It will surely make the Caerphilly Family Information Service Directory the first choice for all the family to search and find local information.

Caerphilly Family Information Service has achieved the Families First Quality Award for the 2nd time demonstrating just how well the service helps local families.

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