FAQ's for parents

After visiting the potential childcare facility here are a few questions to ask yourself.

Health and Safety

  • What evidence was there of security on the premises?
  • Were the number of children present within the limits of the registration certificate?


  • Were you and your child made welcome?
  • Did the other children look happy, interested, and lively?
  • Were there opportunities for your child to have individual attention?


  • Were the activities plentiful, varied and imaginative?
  • Did they take place outside and indoors?
  • What type of indoor/ outdoor equipment did they have?


  • Were the premises clean, well ventilated, warm and safe?
  • Was the food healthy and varied?
  • How were children with special needs catered for?
  • How was the children's behaviour managed?
  • Was there parking for parents?


  • Were the staff friendly and approachable?
  • What were the adults doing?
  • How did the adults talk to /listen to /interact with the children?
  • Were the children respected and understood by the adults, or ignored?