Junior Forum

smileyWhat is the Junior Forum?

The Junior Forum is all about children having a say on issues that affect them and to become actively involved in local decision making

smiley How will the Junior Forum work?

There are 69 schools in Caerphilly with pupil’s year 3 to 6, i.e. children between the ages of 7 and 11. Each of these schools can have two representatives on the Junior Forum, voted on by the children in their school. These representatives will meet three times a year; once each term.

smiley What is the role of a Junior Forum representative?

Representatives are elected for an academic year.

The role of a Junior Forum rep is to:

  • To attend the 3 meetings in Autumn, Spring and Summer terms
  • To gather the views of children in their school about the issues that affect children
  • To feedback information to children and staff after the Junior forum meetings.