Coronavirus update


Childcare providers in order to help parents looking for childcare we have temporarily removed those settings that are closed from public.

Please can you update the Family Information Service with your childcare setting status to enable them to help families with key workers trying to find childcare. (If you have done this already you don’t need to do this again unless there is a change in circumstance.)
You can check your status on their website by accessing the Family Zone - and selecting the right named tab from the list below:
• Day care (Childminders and day nurseries)  
• Playgroup / Cylch Meithrin
• Childcare at my child’s school (breakfast / after school / holiday/ wrap around)
 If your details are on there and you need to change anything – Please email 
 If your details are not on there and you are still open – Please email with your setting details.
 If your details are not on there and you are closed - You don’t need to contact us again unless they change. However, you must notify CIW of your closure by logging onto CIW and making a notification.
If your setting is closing please let us know as a matter or urgency – 
Further updates to follow as and when we receive them.
Dear childcare provider 
Over the past week the position with regards to advice around social interactions has been changing in the light of the increasing spread of the Coronavirus. Inevitably, for childcare and play settings, this has led to concerns and questions arising on a range of matters. 
On Friday 20 March the Minister for Education and the Deputy Minister for Health and Social Services issued a joint statement regarding provision in schools and childcare settings. Based on the most up to date scientific advice at that time, the statement makes clear that wherever possible children should now be cared for at home. Only small numbers of children should remain in schools or childcare. This is an important part of the work to manage the spread of the outbreak. 
However, we are aware that there are a number of parents in critical occupations who will still need to go to work, and that many of them will need to arrange care for their children. We also know a number of more vulnerable children will require support. The statement set out details of these groups, and called for these children to be prioritised in the provision in childcare settings. A copy of the statement is here:
At this time, we are not requiring childcare settings to close. We are asking you to prioritise the care for these children, and to remain open to do so. Many of you will now be facing pressures of their own, including a shortage of staff 



Caerphilly County Borough Council Specific FAQ’s

1. If I am a childcare setting on a school site, will you be sending children of critical workers to my setting am I part of the school hub? No, childcare settings on a school site are not part of school hub, however, you are part of our wider provision. In the school hubs we have had to prioritise critical workers in health, social care and blue light services for school aged children – generally 4 to 14year olds. The childcare sector where ever they are located can help by using their places for children of essential workers who cannot stay at home with their child/children and have younger children 0 – 3, or have been unable to secure a school hub place. Parents/providers are responsible for negotiating availability, contracts and payments for these children. We are working with you to try and keep as many settings open as possible as the recommendation is for children to only be in small groups now. 
We are not prioritising any settings to take children, but you must keep FIS up to date regarding closures and whether you have vacancies (but only for small groups).
2. Will school hubs be open at weekends or during school holidays? Not yet, but this may be reassessed if there is demand. So Childcare settings can offer childcare more flexible childcare during these periods. This is under review.
3. If my childcare setting is closed can I attend another setting? Yes, if parents are a priority worker and you absolutely need the childcare in order to work.
4. If I am a critical worker and my children aged 0 – 3 are usually looked after by their grandparents / other family member now at risk can they access childcare at a setting and will I have to pay? Yes and yes. 
Our priority is to keep children in their own home to stop the spread of the virus wherever possible. Priority in school hubs and childcare settings will be given to critical workers who need to be on the front line. 
Please always bear in mind the 5 key messages and follow the scientific medical and health advice.
Updates to follow as and when we receive them.


For further information please click on the link below:

Attention - Childcare Offer Providers 20th March

We have been asked by Welsh Government to ensure that frontline services can continue to operate and as such, with schools closing from the end of this week we will be operating  School Hubs to offer childcare to key workers and vulnerable children for school aged children, i.e. those aged 3 – 14 years. Those 3 and 4 year olds that are accessing the Childcare Offer should remain in their current setting where possible and practical.
Younger children (0-3 year olds) will access childcare in your existing appropriate childcare provision where they are already registered to attend. We are not asking you to only take children from these priority groups, but where you have identified vacancies, we will need to know how many places you have available and for what age ranges. Where possible we will look at family groupings to try and keep families together rather than split them over two sites. 
Our intention is not to displace any childcare currently being used, but to know where we have vacancies and to utilise them as best we can.
I am aware that Nicola has contacted you and we have a spread sheet of a lot of information, however, please can you let us know the following:
Number of vacancies that you have confirmed with parents
If you are on a school site – are you open or closed and the reasons for closure.
Will you be making any changes to your service, i.e. longer hours, variations to ages catered for, etc
If you are closing can you let us know the reasons why and the date of closure just in case we can support to remain open 
Many thanks for your continued support in these uncertain times, we are really appreciative and pleased at the way you are all working together with us on this and for your patience.