Accidents and injuries

Simple everyday tasks such as crossing the road, preparing a meal or DIY can result in an accident and almost everyone has suffered one at some time or other. Our tips and advice will help reduce your risk of having an accident or injury in all areas of your life - at work, in the home, on roads, in schools and at play.


Preventing accidents - Facts and Figures

  • Every year in Wales some 1,100 people die and more than 400,000 attend accident and emergency centres as a result of accidents.
  • Accidental injury is the most common cause of death in children over one year old.
  • 95% of accidents are preventable.
  • There are huge emotional costs; even minor accidents can result in long-term psychological problems.
  • Accidents can mean significant financial costs to the individual and the NHS. Hip fracture is the most common serious injury related to falls in older people and costs Health and Social Services in Wales £84 million each year.
  • Current statistics show disadvantaged communities have more accidents. We aim to raise awareness to ensure everybody has the knowledge to prevent an accident.


Caerphilly Pupil’s learn about safety!

The Crucial Crew awareness raising programme was held in the “Safety Zone”. 

The aim of the programme is to educate children aged 10 and 11 on how to keep themselves safe by tackling the everyday dangers they may encounter.
Year 6 pupils from all of the county borough’s primary schools attend for either a morning or afternoon session, broken down into 10x10 minute practical sessions covering safety around electricity sub-stations, underage drinking and anti-social behaviour, road safety, substance awareness, fire safety messages, first aid, underage sales, beach safety and recycling issues.
The event promotes safety in our communities. It teaches children who are about to move on to secondary school how to keep safe whilst out playing, how to spot danger and how to react when something goes wrong.
It also encourages crime prevention and raises awareness about issues and consequences of bad behaviour in the community.

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