Local activities and facilities

Adults should complete at least 30 minutes of physical activity that makes you slightly out of breath on at least five days a week.

No matter what your age or ability level, there is an activity out there to suit you. There are 11 leisure centres across the county borough, which provide a wide range of activities for all ages such as aerobics, swimming, fitness suites, badminton, squash, gymnastics. Go to the Leisure Lifestyle website for more information on leisure facilities and activities.

Do you know ? You can swim for free on Free Swim Fridays. Check out Splash for No Cash.


National Exercise Referral Scheme (NERS). This is a scheme for people over 16 years of age who are not regularly physically active and have a medical problem. The scheme provides opportunties to exercise that are fun, rewarding and can be incorporated into every day life. Activities include gym sessions, swimming, gentle exercise classes, walking, aerobics. Contact your GP or practice nurse for more information.


If leisure centres aren’t for you why not try the following:

  • Take the dog for brisk walks
  • Gardening
  • Walk, cycle or jog to the shops rather than using your car
  • Jog or go for a swim with a friend
  • Use the stairs instead of the lift
  • Buy a pedometer and achieve your 10,000 steps a day target
  • Play with the kids
  • Get off the bus / train one stop early
  • Park the car at the back of the car park
  • Clean the house

Getting over the barriers:

  • You don't have to be fit to start with, as you can build up your level of activity gradually.
  • If you're struggling to find the time to fit in activity, then build it into your daily routine, such as using the stairs rather than the lift or walking a little of the way to work.
  • It doesn't have to be expensive, there’s no need to join the gym; walking and jogging are free!
  • If you're struggling to get motivated, try getting active with friends or your family.
  • If you're worried a medical condition might stop you exercising, talk to your GP for advice on what you can do.


Cycling is an enjoyable and effective form of aerobic exercise. Go to the Loops and Links website to find out more about cycle routes in the county borough. If you are a bit more adventurous there are world-class mountain bike trails at Cwmcarn Forest Drive.


Rainbow Community Enterprise - This local project can help you get on your bike. They :

* sell second hand parts and bikes * provide friendly help and advice

* repair and maintain bikes             * provide national cycle training to schools and groups

Contact Colleen on 01685 844089  or link via Facebook


Walking is an easy, enjoyable and inexpensive way to improve your health - you don't need any special kit, apart from a comfortable pair of walking shoes.

Go to the Countryside and Loops and Links website for further information about walking in the county borough.

Caerphilly Ramblers meet at  Asda Caerphilly every Sunday at 9.30am. They extend a warm welcome to all who would like to join them for walks of 8-12 miles throughout South Wales. Meet in Asda car park near the recyling bins. Contact John Newton on 01633 440999

More walking events

Join the Wales Pedometer Challenge today.

Fancy trying Nordic Walking ? Nordic walking uses specially desgned poles to enhance the natural walking experience, similar to that of classic cross country skiing. Nordic walking becomes a whole body exercise that can be enjoyed at many levels. It provides a great cardio workout, burns appox. 40% more calories than normal walking, is good for posture and easy on the joints.


Bouncing back from Cancer

Weekly exercise sessions led by the Exercise Referral Team and McMillian for individuals who are recovering from cancer and deemed well enough to exercise. Classes currently held in the Bargoed area but open to all borough residents.

Contact : Helen Griffiths on 01443 864387 or email griffh4@caerphilly.gov.uk


Looking for something to do ? Stuff for kids, youths or as a family ?

Check out : Caerphilly Family Information Service

Caerphilly Play - for information about local play projects please visit the GAVO website


Looking for something different - check out our events page



Only 25.1% of adults in Caerphilly borough undertake the recommended hours of physical activity a week. This is the second worst in Wales!

13% of adults are members of a sports club or organisation. Men are twice as likely to be sports club members!