Healthy Workplaces

Looking after the health and wellbeing of employees makes good business sense. The workplace is a great setting in which to deliver key health messages in a supportive and innovative way.

10 million working days are lost in the UK through sickness absence and this costs the UK economy billions every year.

In Caerphilly County Borough, research carried out with small and medium workplaces estimated the cost of sickness absence at £7 million per year – but this is a conservative figure and the figures are probably much higher.


Promoting health at work has a number of key benefits:

  • Good working environment
  • Improved morale
  • Reduced sickness absence
  • Improved productivity
  • Positive corporate image

Promoting health at work is about looking at the organisation as well as the employee – workplaces have an impact on the health of their staff, which can sometimes be negative.

Health and Safety policies and procedures are fundamental in protecting emplyoees health. Employers have a duty of care to ensure that their workplace is safe and free from hazards.

The workplace is able to make the healthy choice the easy choice – in the restaurant, for example, through providing healthy options and through offering activities at lunchtime, which keep staff active.


 Why not sign up to the British Heart Foundation's Health at Work initiative ?



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