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Garden Waste Facts


Recycled garden waste

If garden waste is put into the rubbish bin it will be taken to a landfill
site where it decomposes and releases harmful greenhouse gases, polluting
the environment and the resource will be lost forever.

Remember to always put your garden waste into the green sacks provided.  It will then be taken to a composting facility where it is transformed into a nutrient rich soil conditioner.  The process takes between 8 and 16 weeks, depending on the final use for the compost.


This new compost can be applied to a range of uses:

  • within gardens
  • on brownfield sites
  • landscaping
  • full-scale agriculture
  • soil improver
  • mulch
  • turfdressing


Did you know...?

  • Up to 30% of materials put into the rubbish bin can be composted 

  • Even regular composters still send on average nearly 70kg of compostable waste to landfill each year - That's the weight of a medium-sized adult!

  •  The best way to deal with garden waste is to compost at home

  •  If sent to landfill, garden waste will release Methane, which is 23 times more harmful as a greenhouse gas than Carbon Dioxide