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Meet Rhodri the Recycling Ranger

Hello children…..teachers….and parents!!!

I’m Rhodri the Recycling Ranger and I’m on a mission to help people to create less waste but I need your help!

As a Recycling Ranger, your mission is to improve the world around you by making less waste and helping others learn about the 3 R’s, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

To carry out your mission, check out the fun activities, games and information on this website. There are lots of fun, interesting and educational things here to keep you busy! Just select each of the Zones across the top to find out more.

So come on kids! Help me and you too can be a RECYCLING RANGER!

Remember... your recycling mission is not impossible! It is very simple,Just remember to use the 3R's.


  1. Reduce the amount of things you use.
  2. Reuse as much as you possibly can.
  3. Recycle materials instead of throwing them away.