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What does reduce mean?


To reduce waste means to reduce the amount
of things you use in the first place so that you have
less to throw away.


Top tips


There are plenty of things you can do at school and
at home to help.

Here are some ideas:

  • Don't buy things you don't really need
  • Choose things that are well made and will last( They may be more expensive but the materials will be stonger so it will last longer)
  • Use rechargable batteries
  • Don't just throw things away if they break, try to get them repaired
  • Buy food with less packaging. For example, buy loose fruit & veg and don't put them in bags
  • Use a reusable bottle or flask for your drinks instead of cartons or cans
  • Use reusable containers for snacks and packed lunches instead of foil or cling film
  • Don't use disposable things. For example:
    • use a normal camera instead of a disposable one
    • use a washable handkerchief instead of paper tissues
    • use metal cutlery instead of plastic
  • Encourage your family to take their own shopping bags when they go shopping. This will reduce the number of carrier bags you waste and will save you 5p per bag at the tills!

All these ideas are minor steps to reduce waste, but they help the environment because less waste is being produced.