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Waste Advisory Wardens


The Caerphilly council has a team of Waste Advisory Wardens.  It is their job to monitor participation and encourage people that are not currently participating to recycle. They will visit people who are not regularly recycling to find out why and talk to them about the importance of recycling.


Their role is to:

  • Check if homes are recycling and visit them if they are not taking part
  • Visit homes and schools to raise awareness, educate, support and provide guidance about recycling
  • Issue letters and warnings to people who continuously fail to recycle
  • Carry out inspections to check that people are recycling after they have been issued with a warning

There are some people who chuck non recyclable waste in the brown bin, this is called "contamination". Caerphilly council deals with this issue by not contaminated bins and after several warnings the council will the remove bins and provide them with recylable bags.