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Where does it all go?

Materials collected for recycling all over Wales are sent to Material Recovery Facilities (MRF).

A MRF is a giant factory where recyclable materials collected from your home are taken to be sorted and separated into the different 'types' or 'streams' (paper, glass, plastic, cardboard & cans). The materials need to be separated as they are all collected from your home together in your brown recycling bin or box.

This is why it's very important our waste is not comtinated.

Once the materials have been separated, they are sent on for re-processing to be made into brand new things.

Sometimes, certain items make it into recycling bins that cannot be sorted by the MRF, these items are rejected and are called 'contamination.' This is why it is so important to ensure only materials collected by the council (paper, plastic tubs, bottles and pots, glass bottles & jars, cardboard & cans) are placed out for collection. If comtination does occur it will only interupt the process and will delay the time it will take to seperate the different waste.


Recycling is really important - Some of the energy that would have been used in producing 'virgin' materials will be saved due to households recycling more of their waste.