Leisure Lifestyle



We offer a range of sport, play and instructor led physical activity sessions at our leisure centres, aiming to get more people, more active, more often!

Health and fitness activities and classes are available at the following leisure centres:


  • Smartcard holders can book classes upto 7 days in advance.
  • Smartcard holders can fast pass the queues at reception by booking and paying online or utilising the self service kiosks.
  • These fast pass methods will produce a receipt for you to access the classes directly therefore bypassing the queue.


All classes are £4.20 to non members, £3.25 concessions (unless stated) or included in Lifestyle 3 and 5 membership packages.

Class policy for children

  1. Children under the age of 14 cannot access adult classes.
  2. Specific junior based classes are available for children under 14. Leisure centres will display available junior classes at all times.
  3. Children aged 14 - 16 can attend 'appropriate' classes when accompanied by an adult.
  4. 'Appropriate' classes are determined via consultation with the class instructor and leisure centre manager.
  5. Children aged 16+ can attend all classes on their own.

Abs Blast - A class working on the mid section of the body, concentrating on balancing out posture, strengthening, toning and defining the abdominal area.

Adult Dance - Learn the latest dance moves to the latest dance tunes. A perfect blend of fitness and dance in one class.

Aerobic Fusion - Aerobics classes are a specialised form of exercise aimed at strengthening the body’s cardiovascular system. Low impact and good for burning calories with floor exercises.

Aerobics - Works to strengthen the body's cardiovascular system without overly stressing any particular part of the body. This class to music is excellent for improving fitness and reducing body fat.

Aerobics Allsorts - Class combining aerobics and toning exercises using light dumbbells to tone the upper body and abs.

Active Life - This class is designed with the more mature person in mind. A mix of cardiovascular conditioning and toning but not forgetting the fun.

Aqua Aerobics - Improve the health of your heart and lungs and achieve weight loss without putting too much pressure on your body in this pool-based aerobics class.

Aqua Fit - A low impact cardio based class using the resistance of water to add intensity and enhance strength.

Ballet - A classical style of expressive dancing based on precise conventional steps with gestures and movements of grace and fluidity.

Body Blast - HIIT interval training, a mix of cardio and weights. We have various routines of intervals including Tabata (20 second work / 10 second rest; 45 Second work / 15 min rest; 50 second work / 10 second rest, full minutes and pyramids. Your body will not get used to it as we don't give it as chance. 

Body Conditioning - Work your body from head to toe, using your own body or a selection of equipment! This class is ideal for toning those vital areas and burning those excess calories.

Body Sculpt - A low impact class which focuses on conditioning, sculpting and toning of those stubborn areas.

Body Pump - Toning, no cardio, this workout challenges all of your major muscle groups by using the best weidht-room exercises with a bar and your choice of weight. We do squats, chest, triceps, biceps, shoulders, lunges and sit ups.

Body Tone - Designed to increase muscle tone and sculpt the body into the shape you want! Using resistance from equipment or body weight, the exercises are designed to target those problem areas.

Boot Camp - Sports orientated session which focuses on a variety of different sports whilst teaching skills, drills and fitness in a fun and non-intimidating environment.

Boxercise - This class has developed the age-old training principles of boxing adapting them to form a fun, safe and stress-busting workout suitable for all.

Cardio Combat - A Challenging cardio workout using a variety of martial arts disciplines, designed to work out upper body, legs and maximise core work.

Cardio Kickboxing - A fantastic adrenaline-charged class that will leave you feel invigorated and ready to take on the world. Aimed at all fitness levels, this class is a fantastic alternative to achieving your fat burning goals.

Circuit Training - An all over body workout, combining high-intensity aerobics and resistance training, that will improve fitness, strength and body tone, in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Dance Aerobics - Aerobics with a twist. Have fun, get fit and move to the beat.

Fitball - A fantastic class to tone the stomach, strengthen your core and lower back, rehabilitate from injury, and improve posture. A very light and low impact class.

Fitness 4 all - A low intensity workout, focusing on improving cardio fitness, joint mobility, muscular strength/endurance. Finishing off with a stretch and relaxation session to improve flexibility and de-stress.

Functional Fitness - A moderate intensity workout, with the emphasis on functional training, ie improvements in balance, coordination, whilst improving heart/lung capacity, and muscle/joint mobility, strength and Flexibility.

Gym Circuits - An energetic workout based on fitness suite equipment, using free weights, fixed weights, floor exercises and cardio machines.

Hi/Lo Aerobics - A combination of high and low moves to fun music, a great fat burner.

Karate - These exercise classes promote strength, coordination and flexibility with supreme fitness. Learn discipline and skill.

Kettlebell - Kettlebell workouts are intended to increase strength, endurance, agility and balance. Challenging both the muscular and cardiovascular systems with dynamic total body movements

Kickboxing - Learn the ancient art of Thai boxing in a challenging and fun workout for all!

Legs, Bums and Tums - Get great results from this popular workout that targets those troublesome areas.

Muscle Max - This class uses weighted body bars and incorporates hand weights into an athletic workout set to powerful music. This class will work every major muscle group in the body. It will change the shape of your body.

Pilates - Improve your core strength, posture and muscle tone with specific exercises that engage the deep core stabilisers, to enhance appearance whilst improving any problems caused through posture defects.

Power Yoga - Strong and Supple - Fitness Yoga incorporating strength and stretch postures to enhance aesthetic appearance to give you a more leaner, stronger, flexible looking body.

Pump FX - This class will shape your body into perfection with fun and funky exercises. Featuring some great muscle mash routines, and set to some truly floor shaking tracks, Pump FX offers first-class exercise routines designed to burn fat, improve fitness, and above all, to be fun.

Pump and Tone - When you want a variety of exercise and well-rounded workout, try pump and tone, 20 minutes aerobics, 20 minutes sculpt and tone and 20 minutes bums and tums. An all over workout!

Salsa Aerobics - A class designed to offer a perfect blend of fitness and basic dance in one class. No prior dance experience required. Aerobics with a few dance moves.

Spinning - This class creates the concept of an outdoor cycle ride incorporating forms of interval training hill climbs, fast cycling and continuous pedalling.

Step - A choreographed exercise class using a step platform to improve cardiovascular fitness and aid weight loss.

Step and Tone - An easy to follow cardio and toning workout using a step, together with body conditioning exercises to burn calories and strengthen and tone muscles in the entire body, with specific exercises designed to burn fat and tone the target areas of the thighs, tummy, bottom and arms.

Stretch and Core - This class aims to improve core stability and flexibility through a variety of different exercises and stretches that will strengthen and flatten abdominals, enhance sports performance, prevent injuries and relieve stress and tension, suitable for men and women of all levels.

Stretch and Flex - A class designed to focus on core stability, using alignment and passive stretching to maximise flexibilty.

Tai Chi - Meditation to movement. A series of postures linked by slow, graceful movement and accompanied by meditative breathing techniquesTai Chi relaxes you and cuts stress and tension, boosting energy and toning and rehabilitating those tired muscles.

Weight Training - One hour of exciting weight training to help develop a positive attitude.

Yoga - Stretch and Relaxation - Posture training to relax the mind and de-stress the body, culminating in a total relaxation session.

Yogalates - Combining techniques from yoga and pilataes this class works on the body on structural level, helping to align the vertebrae, increase flexibility and strengthen muscles and connective tissue, helping achieve a toned body.

Zumba - If you like to have fun whilst working out, then this is the class for you! Zumba combines high energy and motivational music with unique Latin style moves that allows participants to dance away their worries. A fun, easy to follow class, suitable for all fitness levels.