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Disability changing facility

Bedwas Leisure Centre has recently received a £170k refurbishment boost to modernise and improve access to the poolside by giving its changing rooms a major makeover.

Power-assisted front doors have been installed to allow easier access to the centre, and we now have a dedicated changing facility for people with disabilities.

Changing facilities

The new changing facility, the first of its kind in the county borough, features specialist equipment to better assist people with complex mobility problems.

The purpose built changing room has a ceiling track hoist, height adjustable changing table and accessible shower for customers who require a hoist as a means of transfer in and out of their wheelchair. For customers who require a bit of privacy and benefit from sitting down to shower we have a separate room in each of the male and female changing rooms.

In addition we have a poolside hoist with detachable mobile chair, to wheel customers between changing room and poolside if required.

Health and Safety

We recognise that many of our customers with disabilities and their assistants are highly trained and experienced in hoist use, however our equipment may be different from that which you normally use. To ensure everybody’s safety we insist that all assistants have an induction on safe operation of the equipment before initial use, just like you would have to if you joined a local gym.

In addition to this equipment induction if you require use of the ceiling track hoist we will need to assess the slings that you intend to use. There are many different slings available and some designs will not be compatible with our hoist. Once agreed we ask that you do not use any other sling without checking it out with us first as the wrong mix of hoist and sling can cause a devastating accident to both customer and assistant. Unfortunately we cannot provide use of ‘generic’ slings because it would just not be safe enough to do so.

If you require use of the poolside hoist to get in and out of the pool then staff will use the wheeled pool chair to move you between the changing room and pool. Staff will also operate the poolside hoist. Staff cannot help you in the changing rooms with the ceiling track hoist so it is important that you learn how to use it safely. In addition to the equipment induction we will give you a copy of the manufacturer’s operating instructions.


If you are an adult and want to use our hoist facilities then you will need to contact your local Community Occupational Therapy Team to arrange a sling assessment and equipment induction. Please contact Social Services, Adult Services Duty and Information Team (ASDIT), Bargoed Locality Offices, 43 William Street, Bargoed. CF81 8ND. Tel: 0808 1002500.

If you are a child and you wish to use the ceiling track hoist then an adult will need to inform pool reception. They will contact our Health and Safety Department to arrange a sling assessment and equipment induction for the people who are going to help you. Reception will make all the arrangements for you.


We think that use of the large accessible changing room (with ceiling track hoist) may become quite popular, especially in the school holidays. We generally know when our regular customers want to use this facility so would advise you to ring us to check out room availability to avoid waiting if you wish to do so.