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Study resources

Visitor Centre services

  • Use of the Education Centre as a base before and after the tour.
  • Introduction to the tour by a member of our Education team.
  • Access to the handling collection of clothes for children to dress up (under supervision of the teachers)
  • Gift Shop for children and teaching staff to purchase souvenirs and a wide range of Educational Resources.

Project work

We recognise that images of rooms, costumed staff and implements are vital to your project work and have put together a range of pictures together with Teachers Notes (download here)

Purple Mash

A short video and project can be found on the Purple mash website

for a welsh version please click here

Planning a visit to Llancaiach

Information for teachers and school administrators.

Books about Llancaiach Fawr

The following books about Llancaiach Fawr are usually in stock and can be supplied by mail order – post and packing extra.

Jane Prichard, Child of the Manor / Jane Prichard, Plentyn y Plas

English or Welsh language book written for Key Stage 1 pupils about a little 17th century girl who loses a toy. Price £3.99

Tirion's Secret Journal

English language book written for Key Stage 2 pupils about a girl who comes to work at the Manor House in the year 1645 as a spider-brusher. Price £4.99

Troublesome Thomas

10 year old Thomas Mansell gets into trouble at his grand home in Briton Ferry and is banished to stay with his uncle, Colonel Edward Prichard at Llancaiach Fawr Manor. This book is the sequel to Tirion’s Secret Journal. Price £4.99

Full colour poster of Llancaiach Fawr Manor 1530

A2 size, ‘cut-away’ to show the layout and typical furnishings of the house when first built. Price £1.50

Full colour poster of Llancaiach Fawr Manor 1628

A2 size, ‘cut away’ to show the layout and typical furnishings of the house following the addition of the grand staircase in 1628. Price £1.50

The Kingdome of Great Britaine & Ireland

reproduction of the map drawn by John Speede in 1610. Printed on ‘antiqued’ paper. Price £1.25

Kings and Queens of England

Full colour timeline wallchart (50cm x 70cm) from the Normans in 1066 to the House of Windsor today. Price £1.75.

Piracy Around the World

Full colour poster (31.5cm x 69.5cm) covering the world of piracy from the Spanish Main to the China Seas, from the Elizabethan sea-dogs to the ruthless pirates of today. Price £1.50