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Haunted Llancaiach


PLEASE NOTE - All of our ghost tours have been postponed until further notice due to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic

In a recent poll Llancaiach Fawr was named as one of the Top Ten most haunted buildings in Britain.

Strange things have been experienced in almost every room, along corridors and upon stairs. Things seen, heard or felt, or sometimes odours in the air of violets or lavender - and on some occasions, roast beef!

Ghostly figure behind chair

Perhaps the figure most often experienced is that of what we believe to be a nineteenth century housekeeper known as “Mattie”. The rustle of her petticoats has been heard in the bedchamber where it is believed she died, tragically, so many years ago and yet the saddest is the ghost of a little boy who fell to his death from one of the upper rooms. He sometimes makes his presence felt by a little mischievous tug of a sleeve or someone’s hair, or else he’ll slip his hand into the hand of whoever is in the room as though he is looking for someone to take him home.

Others are more puzzling - the figure seen in the vicinity of the Manor, although not within - could it be a suicide or the victim of a grisly murder?

And what of the figure seen deep in contemplation - could this be Edward Prichard, master of Llancaiach Fawr during the Civil War period, his mind in turmoil about his support for the King?

Then there is the puzzle of the carved stone Pentangle found hidden in the wall of the Manor - could it have been put there to ward away evil - or is it a curse!

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