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Celebrate a life

The stout stone walls of Llancaiach Fawr Manor have stood firm since 1530 and seen births and deaths of many hundreds of occupants. Set in peaceful, rural surroundings it has been a tranquil and unchanging background to the History and Heritage of the area.

Llancaiach Fawr conservatory

Today, the Manor House continues to portray life in 17th Century while it is the visitor centre which provides the 21st Century services appropriate for mourning a passing and celebrating a life.

At Llancaiach Fawr we understand the loss the people suffer when they say goodbye to a loved one. With this in mind we have put together a selection of light buffets to help ease the worries of catering for people at this sad time.

Our professional team are here to help, please email us at call us for more information on 01443 412248.