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Gift shop

The gift shop at Llancaiach Fawr

Everyone needs to shop, but the range of goods on offer at Llancaiach means that most of our visitors actually want to shop!

Llancaiach Fawr visitor shop

Our most popular ranges include jewellery; pewter ware, craft gifts, toiletries and fragranced goods, vintage home wares and traditional toys.

Looking for a special gift

Wooden and pewter lovespoons, Welsh wood treen, bronzes, jewellery boxes and accessories..

For children

Toys and games, key rings, pens, pencils, notebooks and other stationery.


Lovespoons, Welsh mugs and china, books about Wales and the Welsh people.

As a reminder of the 17th Century presentation of the manor

History, needlework and gardening books, posters, postcards, needlework kits and earthenware.

Seasonal ranges

Merchandise linked to the Ghost Tours, Christmas gifts and stocking fillers.

Books about Llancaiach Fawr

The following books about Llancaiach Fawr are usually in stock and can be supplied by mail order – post and packing extra.

Jane Prichard, Child of the Manor / Jane Prichard, Plentyn y Plas

English or Welsh language book written for Key Stage 1 pupils about a little 17th century girl who loses a toy. Price £3.99.

Tirion's Secret Journal- by Jenny Sullivan

English language book written for Key Stage 2 pupils about a girl who comes to work at the Manor House in the year 1645 as a spider-brusher. Price £4.99.

Troublesome Thomas by Jenny Sullivan

10 year old Thomas Mansell gets into trouble at his grand home in Briton Ferry and is banished to stay with his uncle, Colonel Edward Prichard at Llancaiach Fawr Manor. This book is the sequel to Tirion’s Secret Journal. Price £4.99.

Learning Educational resources

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