Sir Harold Finch Memorial Park kids playground

The Council provides 173 play areas across the county borough, which provide facilities for local communities including playground equipment for children, multi- use games areas and youth shelters. Their locations have been chosen for the maximum convenience and safety of parents and children. In July 2015 the council received RoSPA quality awards for Morgan Jones Park (5 star), Waunfawr Park (5 Star), Rhymney Park (3 Star), Porset Park (3 Star) and Senghenydd Park (3 Star).

  • 104 Fixed Equipment Playgrounds
  • 25 Multi-Use Games Areas
  • 12 Skate Parks
  • 21 Youth Shelters
  • 10 Kickwalls
  • 1 Water Play Splash Park

All playgrounds are inspected and cleaned weekly by qualified maintenance staff. State of the art computer equipment is used to record and plan our work programme, including vandalism and repairs.

The Council recognises the importance of providing safe and stimulating children’s playgrounds in suitable locations throughout the area.

A child's development is inextricably linked to healthy imaginative play, which develops motor skills, fitness and social behaviour that will benefit a child in later life. With this in mind, the Parks Service is continually seeking opportunities to improve existing playgrounds and develop new provision, particularly in locations where new housing developments generate an additional need for facilities.


Over the past 3 years, the Parks Service has made tremendous strides in the planning and construction of youth based facilities such as Multi-Use Games Areas, skate parks, youth shelters and kickwalls.

These types of facilities have been installed throughout the county and have provided an opportunity for formal and informal games for older children. Support for this initiative has been forthcoming from many agencies and user groups, and in particular from the police who support these facilities as a way of combating anti-social behaviour.

Disabled Discrimination Act

All new-build facilities incorporate an element of inclusive access in the design of equipment in recognition that access and play should be barrier free to all abilities.

For details of your nearest play area or to request a repair please contact Parks Services.