Sports season dates


Bowls season starts in April and ends in September.
All bowling greens are now self managed by their respective club.


Tennis courts are managed by the local bowling club. Please contact them for information.


Cricket season starts 29th April 2017 and ends 10th September 2017.


Football Friendlies - starts 29th July 2017 and ends 11th August 2017.
Football Season - starts 12th August 2017 and ends 13th May 2018.


Rugby Friendlies - starts 29th July 2017 and ends 25th August 2017
Rugby Season - starts 26th August 2017 and ends 13th May 2018.


Training Sessions - All Clubs

  • Park Service do not permit Clubs to use their grounds to train on at any time during the year.
  • Clubs must apply in writing seeking permission from Park Services to train on the area allocated to them during any season. 
  • Where Clubs have been given permission to train, training must not take place on the main playing area.
  • Clubs, which are allocated grounds that are used for both football & rugby called  “Dual Use” will not be allowed to train on them under any circumstance and permission will not be granted. Clubs who disregard this condition will have their ground allocation rescinded.


All Dual use grounds will be off line to rugby and football from the 16th April 2017 so that the fields can be prepared for the cricket season. The ground will be available for use from 16th September 2017.