Progress and Assessment

Public bodies are expected to show people they are applying sustainable development principles in their work, and how they are making progress towards achieving their well-being goals.

The Caerphilly Wellbeing Plan must clearly state how the objectives the PSB sets will help them achieve their goals.

The PSB must also make sure that it involves people in Caerphilly interested in achieving the goals from all backgrounds.

Progress update

During the Summer, Caerphilly Public Services Board has been consulting with residents and organisations in the county borough about the way in which the well-being of people in Caerphilly can be improved.

The events have included a Viewpoint Panel session, discussions with Town and Community Councils, workshops with the Youth and Junior Forum, the Voluntary Sector and the Business Forum.  Surveys have been completed by members of the 50+ Forum and by people visiting the Big Cheese, Armed Forces Day and Caerphilly Play Day.

There have also been a series of consultation workshops taking place across the county borough, the last of which is on 20th September in Crosskeys.  The Parent Network will also be undertaking a workshop session at their forthcoming PlaNet event.

On line surveys have been made available for those unable to attend the consultation workshop sessions on the Caerphilly YOU Want can complete our online versions at  for the English version and for the Welsh version.

Draft Wellbeing Assessment and Reports from the public engagement activities

You can find the draft wellbeing assessment and reports from the public engagement activities in the What does wellbeing mean to you section.

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