PSB Annual Conference

The Public Services Board Annual Conference will provide an opportunity for the key decision makers from a wide range of organisations working across Caerphilly county borough to come together to look at ways of improving the quality of life for residents, people who work here and those who visit. 

Replacing the previous Standing Conference, which took place twice a year, the PSB Annual Conference will take place every July. 

The PSB will invite organisations from the statutory, business and private, voluntary and community sectors to attend, and those who are involved in the delivery of the Caerphilly We Want Well-being Plan.

Further details are available from Alison Palmer on 01443 864409 or

2019 Annual Conference

The first PSB Annual Conference took place on Friday, 5th July 2019 at Llancaiach Fawr Medieval Manor, Nelson.

Caerphilly PSB were pleased to welcome Sophie Howe, Future Generations Commissioner for Wales to give the keynote speech and Claire Germain from Welsh Government’s Local Government and Partnerships Division.

The PSB launched their first Annual Report (see Progress page) highlighting the progress made in the first year since the publication of “The Caerphilly We Want” Well-being Plan 2018-2023. Delegates were given the opportunity to see the new on-line version of the Well-being Assessment which is being developed in conjunction with Data Cymru, which will enable the PSB and partners to have up-to-date data about the borough at their fingertips.

The Voluntary Sector Liaison Sub Committee were delighted to have the opportunity to launch the new version of the Caerphilly Third Sector Partnership Agreement (2018-2023) at the event, which has been updated to reflect the need for closer collaboration across all partners to achieve the aims of the Well-being of Future Generations Act and Social Services and Well-being Act, and ensure third sector organisations play a full part.

The presentation slides from the event are available below.

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