During the period 2013/14, our team of Community Safety Wardens have carried out 8,791 hours of patrols within the Caerphilly County Borough.

They have also visited a total of 1,458 ‘hotspot’ locations and attended a total of 166 community meetings.

Our CCTV operators monitor 150 cameras throughout the county borough 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



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Anti-Social behaviour

Anti social behaviour can be defined as “any kind of repeated behaviour, that is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress”.

Unfortunately, it is an issue that continues to blight many of our communities, and is an issue that tends to feature heavily in community engagement meetings as being the issue that people would like to see resolved in their communities.

The Safer Caerphilly Community Safety Partnership has a wide range of tools to combat anti social behaviour in our communities.

We have an extremely well established “Four Strikes” process, which is all about intervening early on when anti social behaviour first becomes a problem.

The fourth strike of the anti social behaviour process results in an Anti Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) and during 2011/2012 a total of 10 orders were granted on individuals within Caerphilly County Bourough.

We also work in close partnership with the local Youth Offending Service in combating anti social behaviour – we have funded a wide range of initiatives to not only provide diversionary activities away from anti social behaviour, but to also educate on what is and is not acceptable behaviour.

The partnership takes an extremely tough stance on anti social behaviour and feel that our residents should be able to go about their lives feeling safe and secure in their communities.

These pages include useful information on how partner agencies are tackling anti social behaviour, and also how members of the public can assist in dealing with this issue