St. James pupils are busy bees!


Pupils at St. James Primary School in Caerphilly have been working in partnership with Groundwork Wales to construct a bee hive.

During June and July, twenty Year 6 pupils built a complete beehive, suitable for a honey bee colony to live in and make honey. The project allowed pupils to develop basic DIY skills including using a hammers, pliers and punches to produce some complicated woodwork.  Pupils also used communication skills and team work to support each other during difficult tasks.

The now completed bee hive will be donated to a local beekeeper, who will be teaching the pupils all about the work of bees as pollinators, and the process of making honey. The project was so successful that a second hive has already been started funded by Communities First and construction sessions staffed by Groundwork Wales.

Cllr. Philippa Marsden “Well done to everybody involved in this brilliant project at St. James Primary School.  It is always wonderful to see successful partnership working benefitting pupils as well as the local environment.” 

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