Interactive Bee Workshops

Pupils at Ynysddu Primary SchoolSchools can book a workshop with the Sirhowy Valley Honeybee Company to visit the interacitve hive house in the school grounds at Ynysddu Primary School, to learn all about pollinators and honeybees.

The pupils wear bee suits and take part in a proper hive inspection, learning all about life inside the hive and how honey is made.

There is also a viewing area with a sealed observation hive for those who don't want to get close with the bees.

Find out more about the Interactive Bee workshops in the document below.


Please visit to find out more about Ynysddu Primary School and their Interactive Bee Hive House, run by the Sirhowy Valley Honeybee Company.

The pupils of Ynysddu Primary School created the website as part of their work for the Lead Creative School Scheme. Here you will meet the pupils, teachers and most importantly Lorne, the beekeeper. Take your time and browse the website to learn more about the bee hive project.

The website includes the bee song, the life cycle of a bee, fun facts about bees, how we make and jar honey, an easy, medium and hard quiz plus lots of other useful information and resources.



Caerphilly Friends of the Earth - "Bee Friendly" initiative

Would you like your school to achieve "Bee Friendly" status?

As part of the Wales Action Plan for Pollinators, Wales Biodiversity Partnership launched the "Bee Friendly" initiative, to halt the decline in not just bee populations, but all pollinators.

Aimed at all organisations in Wales, to achieve “Bee Friendly” status you must demonstrate progress along four themes, which are as follows: -

  1. Food – providing pollinator-friendly food sources in your area
  2. Five-Star accommodation – providing places for insect pollinators to live
  3. Freedom from pesticides and herbicides – committing to avoid chemicals that harm pollinators
  4. Fun – involving all the community and telling people why you are helping pollinators


If you would like to apply for “Bee Friendly” status for your school then first download the application form from This site also gives you full information on the initiative. Once completed, you can email the completed form to:

A good place to start could be with a bit of citizen science, completing a survey of your site for the Polli:Nation survey. Details of this can be found at and here you will find lots of useful information on how to carry out the surveys and on identification of insects and flowering plants. A survey before you do anything else, and then another survey after a year could be used to provide evidence of progress and also provides another outstanding learning opportunity.

Finally, please let us at Caerphilly Friends of the Earth know of your involvement. We will be giving out our own certificates to schools who participate. This will all contribute to eventually getting “Bee Friendly” status for the county of Caerphilly. You can post a message on our Facebook page or email us through the following link:

Good luck and let's get buzzing! 

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