The Daily Mile

The Daily Mile has one simple aim - to help children get fit by walking or running for 15 minutes a day.

The Daily Mile will improve the physical, emotional and social health and well-being of our children regardless of age or personal circumstances. 

It is a simple but effective concept, which any school can implement. It helps improve the childrens' fitness, concentration levels, mood, behaviour and general well-being. 

   The Daily Mile takes 15 minutes per day but can increase attainment by up to 25%

   Within 4 weeks, children who do The Daily Mile become fit

The Daily Mile helps reduce childhood inactivity and obesity


In Caerphilly County Borough:

- 27% of children aged 4-5 were overweight or obese in 2014-15

- Active children are most likely to become active adults

- Only 33% of 5-14 year olds reported doing at least 1 hour of physical activity every day in the previous week


We want every child in the Caerphilly county borough to have the opportunity to do the Daily Mile.

Over 50% of our primary schools have already adopted The Daily Mile (that's over 8,500 pupils) and a few have helped us produce the following short film to share their experiences.


The Daily Mile | Militir y Dydd (Bilingual version)

The Daily Mile (English)

Militir y Dydd (Cymraeg)

The Daily Mile is successful because:

  • It is simple and free
  • It takes just 15 minutes
  • Children run, walk or jog in the fresh air and the weather is a benefit, not a barrier
  • There is no set up, tidy up or equipment required
  • Children run in their uniforms, so there is no changing time needed
  • The teachers choose when to do it, it doesn't have to be timetabled into the day
  • It's social, non-competitive, fun and fully inclusive
  • Every child, whatever their circumstance, age or ability, can succeed at The Daily Mile
  • It encourages children to be more active and helps them understand the benefits of physical and mental health and well-being

Support and advice is available to every school in the Caerphilly county borough from both our Sport Caerphilly and Healthy Schools teams. Email:


For more information, visit The Daily Mile Website to register and access the free downloadable resources.

Sign up to The Daily Mile and add your school to the participation map. 

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