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Education for sustainable development & global citizenship (ESDGC) is about the things we do every day. It’s about the big and small issues such as climate change, conflict, consumer pressure and environmental depletion and how they relate to each other and us.

Schools can make a positive contribution towards shaping a more sustainable future by helping pupils, parents, carers, staff and governors to understand the meaning of sustainable development through every day decision-making. They can do this through the curriculum they deliver and the way in which the school is run and managed.

Local and national documents have been developed to support schools delivering ESDGC.


Local Documents

ESDGC Strategy

Education for sustainable development & global citizenship has been made a priority within Caerphilly County Borough Council.

The ESDGC Strategy and Action Plan sets out how we will deliver ESDGC throughout the Caerphilly County Borough.

Education for Sustainable Development & Global Citizenship (ESDGC) Strategy & Action Plan 2009-12 (3.5Kb)

‘Sustainable Futures’ - CCBC’s Education for Sustainable Development & Global Citizenship Strategy & Action Plan 2006/09 (PDF, 2.1Mb)

The ESDGC Evaluation Report 2009 highlights the work of the Education for Sustainable Development Officer. It identifies the work undertaken against the 8 objectives set out in the ESDGC Strategy & Action Plan.

ESDGC Evaluation Report 2009(2.3Mb)

ESDGC Policies

Below are some fantastic examples of ESDGC policies written by schools in Caerphilly and other local authority areas.

The Draft Framework for School ESDGC Policy (PDF, 47Kb) provides schools with a standard ESDGC Policy they can use.

The ESDGC Policy Guidance for Schools (PDF, 98Kb) provides useful guidance for schools wishing to develop their own ESDGC Policy.


National Documents

Wales is also special as it is one of the few world nations with sustainable development at the heart of government.

Young people have the right to understand the crucial issues facing the planet and know how they can personally play a part in helping shape the future.

Welsh Government

The Welsh Government launched Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship – A Strategy for Action (PDF, 866Kb) in September 2006 to highlight actions driving the ESDGC agenda forward in Wales and ensure the principles of ESDGC are built in to every aspect of our day-to-day life.

The Welsh Government also launched the ESD & GC Common Understanding documents in July 2008 to support the delivery of ESDGC in schools.

The ESD & GC Common Understanding for schools (PDF, 518Kb) has been designed to aid the delivery of ESDGC in schools. It identifies ‘themes’ covering the range of ESDGC and supports the delivery of statutory Subject Orders, relevant frameworks, other relevant non-statutory frameworks and the 14 to 19 Learning Core

The ESDGC Common understanding for teacher trainees and new teachers in Wales (PDF, 953Kb) clarifies the Welsh QTS standards relating to ESD & GC. The document aims to support ITET trainees and new teachers by pointing to the types of documents they should know about. It suggests ways in which they can approach ESDGC in their teaching, looks at the types of strategies which can be used for teaching and learning and looks at how schools can promote ESDGC through their ethos. The guidance also lists some resources and support organisations to help teachers get started with ESDGC.
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The ESDGC in the Further Education Sector in Wales is an information document to aid the delivery of ESDGC in Further Education Colleges. The ‘Themes’ identified in the ‘Common understanding for Schools’ document cover the range of ESDGC and supports the delivery of ESDGC through academic and vocational subjects, relevant non-statutory frameworks and the 14-19 Learning Core. This document also supports the Welsh Baccalaureate.

The ESDGC – A Common Understanding for the Youth Work Sector is an information document to aid delivery of ESDGC in the youth work sector. The approach within the ‘Common Understanding’ covers a range of ESDGC activity to support how the work may be embedded at all levels within the sector and provides a few practical suggestions for taking the work forward.

ESDGC and Youth Work - A Brief Guide for Youth Workers

ESDGC in Adult Community Based Learning and Youth Work in Wales
This report provides the Welsh Government with a position statement on the work currently being delivered to adult community based learners and young people in youth work settings about sustainable development and global citizenship and to recommends ways forward for the development of this work.

The ESDGC - A self-assessment tool for work based learning providers
Toolkit has been developed to help WBL providers embed ESDGC best practice in the delivery of learning and the management of their organisations. It will enable providers to self-asses their approach to ESDGC and inform development.

Out of Classroom Learning – Making the most of first hand experiences of the natural environment is aimed at those organisations, individuals and teachers that seek to encourage young people to learn about, appreciate and enjoy the natural environment and cultural heritage through first hand experience.


Estyn is the office of Her Majesty’s Chief Inspectorate of Education and Training in Wales. Estyn’s aim is to ‘raise standards and quality of education and training in Wales through inspection and advice, in support of the vision and strategic direction set out by the Welsh Government’.
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Estyn baseline report – May 2006
The purpose of this report is to provide a position statement about ESDGC in schools and further education colleges in Wales.

Estyn Common Inspection Framework - September 2010 (143Kb)

The Common Inspection Framework has been developed to support the Estyn inspection process.

Estyn supplementary guidance for inspectors Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship in schools - September 2013 (1.74Kb)

Developed to provide guidance to inspectors evaluating ESDGC in Wales when it is a line of enquiry.

Estyn ESDGC Progress in Education for Sustainable Development & Global Citizenship June 2014

Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA)

The WLGA Education module (PDF, 2.7Mb)
This framework offers practical guidance for local authorities to support their efforts to deliver services relating to education more sustainably. The framework also seeks to guide authorities in facilitating the efforts of education providers to deliver sustainable development.

WLGA Sustainable Development Framework (PDF, 1.1Mb)
Introduces the framework guidance, sets the policy context and outlines the importance of sustainability to local government.


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