Eco Schools in the Caerphilly County Borough

Every school in the Caerphilly county borough is registered for the Eco School Award scheme, working towards either their bronze, silver, green flag or platinum award.


Number of Eco Schools

 Number of Eco Schools graph


The Number of Green Flag & Platinum Awards

 Eco School green flag awards


The Eco School Award Scheme

The Eco Schools programme is an international initiative, which provides an ideal framework to support sustainable development and global citizenship in schools. Eco Schools extends learning beyond the classroom and develops responsible citizenship attitudes both at home and in the wider community. Eco schools in Wales is administered by Keep Wales Tidy and is coordinated in Caerphilly by the CCBC Policy Team.

Find out more about the Eco Schools Award Scheme

Look who’s an Eco School in your cluster group:

Share ideas and support each other.
“Who will be the first school cluster to achieve 100% Eco School Green Flags?”

Eco School Cluster Groups


Eco School Topic Areas:

The Eco Schools programme covers eight topic areas to help schools achieve an overall approach to sustainable development & global citizenship.

These are: Waste Minimisation, Transport, School Grounds, Healthy Living, Energy, Water, Litter and Global Citizenship.

In each topic section you will find useful background information along with advice on how your school can make a difference.

Eco Schools Topics


Eco School Examples & Resources:

We have collated a variety of Eco School resources to support schools working through the Eco Schools programme.

Eco School Criteria Check List

Eco School Action Plans

Eco School Day of Action

Environmental Education Policy

Ideas for Green Flag Launch Event

Ideas for Creative Monitoring & Evaluation

Examples of Policy Documents

Eco Code Examples

Green Flag to Platinum Award

The Green Grin-o-meter


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