Reducing energy has many advantages for schools including saving money, reducing the carbon emissions and improving the learning and teaching environment for both staff and pupils.

Schools provide a superb opportunity for pupils to learn more about responsible energy usage, helping them to see the environmental impact of everyday actions.

We have suggested some simple steps to help pupils, parents, teachers and staff work together to improve their energy efficiency and raise awareness of important energy issues.


Sustainable Energy Projects

Local Authority Energy Financing Scheme (LAEF):

The LAEF scheme is a funding mechanism set up in 2004 by Caerphilly CBC and Salix Finance Ltd. The £800,000 fund can be used to develop energy efficiency projects in non-domestic properties. Each proposed project will provide a considerable carbon dioxide, cost and consumption reduction, and each project will payback within 5 years. The LAEF loan scheme is interest free and is designed to act as an incentive for all corporate properties to become more energy efficient without immediate financial outlay. For more information about the LAEF scheme please contact the Energy & Water Management Team on 01495 235535.


Sustainable Energy Support and Advice

For support and advice on sustainable energy and water efficiency in the Caerphilly county borough, please contact:

Paul Rossiter, Energy & Water Officer, CCBC

Tel: 01443 864868


Jeffrey Jones, Senior Technician, Energy & Water Conservation, CCBC

Tel: 01443 864837



Top Tips for Sustainable Energy Efficiency

  • Monitor your energy meters
  • Promote energy usage to the whole school and identify ways to reduce energy usage
  • Appoint energy monitors
  • Run a 'switch off' campaign to encourage everyone to use less energy
  • Undertake an energy audit in school
  • Investigate energy usage in other countries
  • Switch off all IT equipment instead of leaving it on standby
  • Switch to a Green Energy Provider
  • Try to use natural light where possible instead of switching the lights on
  • Calculate your schools carbon footprint, visit 




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